Working mainly as a freelance photographer but also doing retouching.
As a photographer I aim for a perfect shot requiring just a touch of post production and as a retoucher I try not to leave a mark of my presence. I believe that an amazing team consisting of talented and experienced people is the best recipe for a successful project. Photography was sneaking into my life to finally take full control of it.

I’m based in Warsaw, Poland but will readily travel anywhere!


Kenwood, Crizal, Essilor, Nessi, Apotex, Netto, Epee, Freundin Magazine, BOLD Kampala, Kampala Fashion Week, Paramour Cosmetics, Paperself, Face Lace, Delifrance, Krewniacy, Rzeczpospolita, Rilke, Elementy Wear

L’Officiel (Ukraine), Hiro, Design Scene Magazine, PUMP Magazine (US),
Promo Magazine (US), Make-Up Trendy, Fahrenheit Magazine (Mexico),
Elegant Magazine, Papercut, Avanti, Joy, Photography Served